My art

The artist chooses what to make and chooses to make art rather than to make a text…or sometimes chooses to make a text but to make it differently than if they were to make it as a philosophical text. —Robert Storr, curator and dean of the Yale School of Art

This quote embodies my work. When I write, my thoughts become a jumble of emotions and I am lost in a sea of words. I am more comfortable explaining myself through my art, expressing my appreciation, observation, and response to the world. Reacting to my environment, natural or urban, and to events that happen to me and outside of me, I record my emotional response by making something, communicating through imagery and objects. My sculptures are intuitive, organic, and fluid, and they speak for me in symbols, colors, texture and patterns. I chose clay as my medium, knowing that it is the most primal element, and also I enjoy its tactile quality, the feel of it in my hands and the fact that I can mold it into any shape. The use of porcelain is deliberate with the whiteness a perfect canvas for the colored slips of my palette. I often use clay in combination with other materials such as wood, steel or stone. 

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